Storm Chaser Photos for Stock and Fine Art Prints

We own one of the most extensive catalogs of storm chaser photos in the world. Everything from sunsets and rainbows to weather threats and tornadoes. Consequently, we have provided a small sample gallery here to demonstrate the quality of our storm chasing photos. Whether you need photography for stock and editorials or looking to purchase a fine art print, we can help you! For licensing information, please contact us.

Brian Barnes has been a storm chaser for over 25 years. Having collected thousands of photos while storm chasing, he offers services in stock research and licensing. He started out shooting a Nikon F4 while primarily using Velvia 50/100 films. We maintain a large collection of over 10,000 images on slide stock alone. In 2003, Brian began shooting digital primarily using Canon bodies and lenses.

Contact us with your stock photo requests and inform us what kind of photos you’re wanting to license. As a result, we’ll put together the best images that match your request and send you sample photos. Licensing fees vary by usage and there is a $250 research fee. Our stock photo services are not available between April and July. We are storm chasing in Tornado Alley during these months and on-the-road every day.

If you’re looking to do a feature on storm chasing, we recommend making a reservation on our storm chasing tours. Photos obtained while using our tour services may not be used for stock licensing. However, we allow photographers who are working on a feature story to publish their photography obtained through our tour services. We’ve accommodated many leading publications in the past, including BBC News Online, The New York Post and others.

We look forward to helping you!